English Summer Camp

English summer camp is a summer course especially designed for kids of 3 to 5 years old. The camp aim is to introduce English thru the practice of vocabulary and short instructions through games, activities and songs so the kid can have fun while learning.

The games and dynamics are oriented so the children can start their learning of the language and develop confidence, besides having fun while learning.

The camp is in charge of specialized English language teachers, whom in lockstep will enjoy an unforgettable summer full of recreation and learning.

Our English summer camp is totally in English in order for the children develop the trust of speaking, playing and learning in the most fun and natural way, in a safe environment.

The activities are especially designed for their age in order to develop their skills of oral and listening production.

Some of the activities to develop the interaction with their classmates are:

o Vocabulary games, inside and outside of the classroom. Activities in which the student can practice simple vocabulary thru games and dynamics.
o Crafts and painting.
o Story teller.
o Music and dancing.
o Recreational activities.
o Cooking.
o Face painting.
o Movie theater.
o Interactive games in the computer lab.

Ages: 3-5 years old

Groups: 10-15 children


o 1 t-shirt per camp
o 1 group photo

Dates: from July 4th to July 29th

Camps: two

First camp
Dates: July 10th to 21st

Time: 9:30-1:30

Costs: $1,900 MXN

Second camp
Dates: from July 24th to August 4th

Time: 9:30-1:30

Costs: $2,100 MXN

Coordination of the language center
Lic. Blanca E. Pérez Muñoz
Phone: 13 40 44 50 and 51 Ext: 7624 and 7606

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