Bachelor of Exercise Sciences (Traditional Modality)


The Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Sciences in traditional modality educates professionals in physical education, sports, sports management, and health promotion to meet society’s demands regarding physical activity, through the practice of exercise and applied sciences and influencing the improvement of life quality and social well-being.


The Bachelor of Exercise Sciences undergraduate program in the traditional modality is acknowledged in 2020 for offering a quality education with national prestige by training leading professionals in exercise sciences and contributing to the improvement of society’s life quality through the promotion of physical activity and sports.


To educate professionals in exercise sciences with a broad profile, so that they can serve as sports coaches that contribute to the promotion and practice of different sports disciplines; as physical education teachers and professors at all levels of the Mexican education system; and as administrators to direct and organize sports events, sports companies, and professional teams, promoting recreation, life quality, and integral development, thus covering the interests and needs of all the population.

Admission Profile

o Inclination for physical-sporting activities and their practice.
o Ability to communicate and relate to people.
o Intellectual restlessness to research on the origins and universal development of sport.
o Desire to know the physical education and sports in its historical perspective, its functions, structures and its forms of organization.
The proposed admission profile also implies the following:
o General physical fitness test results.
o Passing grade in the EXANI-II test or certificate of good health issued by a public health institution.
In addition to the above, we believe it is important to consider the students’ graduation profile at the upper intermediate level:
o  Students express and communicate themselves.
o  They reflexively think and criticize.
o  They learn autonomously.
o  They work collaboratively.
o  They participate responsibly in society.

Graduation Profile

To educate human resources that are highly qualified in the areas of physical culture, sports and recreation by integrating the different techniques and scientific disciplines constituting our curriculum.

Labor Market

o  Teaching
o  Research
o  Sports training
o  Sports advising
o  Sports coordination
o  Sports promotion
o  Sports instruction
o  Sports institution management
o  Physical training and public relations

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