Master’s Dregrees


o Promote the development of graduate studies, encouraging the design of new master’s and doctoral degrees.
o Assume the responsibility to comply with the plans and study programs of professors.
o Assume the responsibility to allocate and distribute the academic load of graduate studies.
o Propose professors for the master’s degree courses.
o Represent the school before any other educational institution of the state, the country, or abroad upon decision of the dean.
o Present annually a report of activities to the dean and the UANL Department of Graduate Studies.
o Elaborate the regulations of the school’s Division of Graduate Studies, with the support of the Legislative Committee of the Board of Directors.
o Coordinate the school’s graduate studies.
o Be an ex-officio member of the Graduate Committees of the school.
o Propose the necessary consultant committees for their functions.


The mission of the Office of Graduate Studies is to educate professionals with social commitment in the area of physical education, sports, recreation, and exercise sciences, to meet the present and future needs that the national and international societies demand, constantly ensuring quality and promoting the research and development of our academic programs.


The Office of Graduate Studies is acknowledged in 2020 as a socially responsible and world-class area for its quality, relevance, and contributions to the academic, scientific, and social development of physical education, sports, recreation, and exercise sciences.


Administrative offices, 2nd. floor of the School of Physical Education.

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