Academic Exchange and Mobility

The UANL offers you the opportunity of an academic exchange for a semester and even one year in national and foreign universities, moreover offers the opportunity to the students coming from universities of the Mexican Republic and other countries which the UANL has an agreement, to participate thru an organization and come to fulfill an experience for a semester or a year in this institution.

The UANL sustain an intense program of mobility and academic exchange because is aware about the importance for the teachers and students of maintaining in contact with institutions, teachers, researchers and students of other universities recognized in Mexico and abroad.

So far, thousands of students like you had given the opportunity of carry out a stay of undergraduate and graduate programs at any of the 150 universities the utmost university has a collaboration agreement.

This is a strategy that offers multiple benefits, like increasing the quality of training of students and teachers, visit other potential sources of vocational training, value the quality of other institutions and its own, develop coexistence skills, improve the working systems, discover capacities of learning and adaptation, get to know other languages and cultures and to obtain a personal maturity.


Requirements for an exchange




  1. Application form with photo and the subject’s revalidation sheet.
  2. A support letter from the Director of the school where the student is performing his/her bachelor’s degree.
  3. Be undertaking at least 5th semester and having an average score of 85 (general).
  4. Letter of the Academic Secretariat of the school that certifies the score.
  5. Kardex (certificate).
  6. Letter explaining the reasons you wish to fulfill the exchange (to whom it may concern) and curriculum vitae.
  7. Record of the required language proficiency. English: TOEFL Official 213 points. Computer based/80. Internet based/550. Paper based DELF B2) German: B1 medium high level. You must prove domain of the language according to the geographic area of destination, regardless of the language used in the classroom.
  8. Copy of the passport and Personal No.
  9. Program of the class subjects that will be studied in the destination university. The student must take at least 3 subjects that can be renewed (30-40 credits each one).
  10. Analytical content of each subject that will be studied in the destination university.
  11. Copy of the visa application.
  12. General medical exam and psychological exam.

In case of applying for a country with the same language the points 2, 4, 5 and 6 will be deliver in Spanish and the language according to the country you are applying.

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