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The alumni network is an essential part of the follow-up and career path project of the alumni, which is sustained by the Institutional Development Plan of the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon. It is a college community formed by the graduates of the different specializations of the School of Physical Education which is intended to promote the sense of belonging and the recognition of the professional quality of the alumni, in a way that allows to obtain quality indicators and the level of satisfaction of the graduates, in regards to the educational offer of our institution to adapt the academic programs in a way that facilitate the employability of the alumni in the business market in a competitive way and according to the requirements demanded by the labor dynamism.









    General objective

    To create, promote and strengthen the relations between the alumni and the School of Physical Education of the UANL, in an inclusive and supportive way with mutual labor, academic, cultural, social and scientific benefit.

    Strategic objectives

    • Encourage and strengthen the corporate identity and make them participate in academic, cultural and scientific activities.
    • Establish personal and institutional links between students, alumni and the college.
    • Create a data base of alumni to obtain evidence of their labor and social integration.
    • Increase the active and committed participation, with the aim of update and promote the vocational training and provide social support according with the 2020 vision of the UANL.
    • Promote the opportunities of employability to produce and consolidate the human and social capital.
    • Encourage the national and international integration of the alumni residing in other cities and/or countries.


    Is the connection that allows to strengthen the personal, labor, academic and cultural bonds of the alumni of the School of Physical Education in order to strengthen the sense of belonging to the institutional ideology and our Alma Mater.


    To be the academic bond that promotes the integration of the alumni at a national and international level in the virtual and presence-based modality, this to increase the sense of belonging and institutional identity of the graduates with the aim of mutual support and solidarity, that allows to accomplish high quality standards in the educational proposal sustained by the scientific research, as well as consolidate the recognition and the sense of pride of belonging to this institution.


    The alumni network summarizes the personal, morals, ethical and professional values guided by their constructive and edifying purpose.

    • Honor and appreciate the dignity of the people considering the quality of their attitudes, behaviors, thoughts, words and actions.
    • Constant search of the personal and professional improvement with outstanding qualities as a constitutive part of a social reality.
    • The ability to act and deliver fully with the goals and projects according to the stablished at the social and personal context.
    • In terms of support and alliances for the common good and mutual growth, to consolidate the identity and sense of belonging to the institutional and social community.
    • Assume assertively the principles established in a proactive way, showing the spirit of solidarity of the college students.

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