The School of Physical Education was designed and equipped to assist in the teaching-learning process and administrative procedures for students and the general public.

It should be noted that our facilities and equipment are used for both undergraduate and graduate levels:

  • 26 classrooms equipped with SMART boards;
  • 3 computer rooms for classes and academic support with capacity of 94 students, simultaneously;
  • 2 conference rooms with capacity of 400 and 200 people, respectively;
  • Multipurpose gymnasium;
  • Artistic gymnastics facility;
  • Language Center, with capacity of 35 students;
  • Researchers’ room with 8 cubicles;
  • Teachers’ room with 10 cubicles and meeting area;
  • Continuing Education Department;
  • Distance Learning Department;
  • Tutoring Department, with 6 cubicles;
  • Business Center;
  • Administrative offices;

Description of each building

Technological Infrastructure

  • Voice and data network
  • First level computer equipment
  • Access to the UANL Library Integral System databases
  • Access to national and international publications through the UANL Libraries Integral System

Researchers’ Room

Equipped with 8 cubicles and a conference room with the following characteristics:

  • Computer system (HP 7905 computer, 2.66 Ghz and 3 Mb RAM)
  • Two video projectors for conferences
  • Two screens for video-projections

Videoconference Room

Second-floor room, equipped with 35 seats

  • Optic fiber satellite receiver for international video conferences
  • Switcher to distribute audio and video signals
  • DVD with burner
  • Audio amplifier
  • Audiomultiplexer
  • Six wireless transmitting microphones
  • Two remote control fixed cameras
  • Two 42-inch plasma screens
  • An electric screen video projector
  • Videoconference equipment with capacity of 35 students 

Language Center

Second floor. The Language Center is equipped with the following characteristics:

  • English and French Teachers (includes a communications server)
  • A resource server
  • A place for the teacher, with a personal computer with dual-core processor and a 19-inch flat monitor
  • A video camera with 3.2 megapixels of resolution with zoom and manual-automatic focus

 Systems Labs

First floor, Two computer labs with the following characteristics:

  • Each laboratory has 35 computers and
  • An electric screen video projector


“Ing. Cayetano Garza” Gymnasium

Sports area with the following characteristics:

  • Dumbbells, bars, discs, etc.
  • A gymnastics pad for horse jumping competition
  • High jump bouncers
  • Uneven bars
  • A vaulting horse
  • Podium for gymnastics with measures of 13.8 x 13.8 meters
  • Telescopic bleachers for new spectators with floor leveling, with 11 rows with an approximate capacity of 550 people and electric operation with guardrails and corridors


“Ing. Cayetano Garza” Library

Building 1. The library is equipped with:

  • Security system for bar code
  • Tables for 95 students approximately
  • Bibliographic acquis.


The “Ing. Cayetano Garza” Library serves the academic community of our school with an area of 225 square meters, with capacity of 95 comfortably installed users.

In the library, users can consult more than 5000 book titles, theses, CDs, and articles in more than 20 specialized magazines in the area of physical culture and sports.

Furthermore, there is access to the UANL Digital Library, where a large number of databases can be consulted, including the Sport Discus, Psynet, Web of Science, full texts from electronic journals, etc.

It has an inventory and control system by barcode.


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