Code Of Ethics

Since its establishment in 1974, the School of Physical Education has been a touchstone of professional education in Exercise Sciences through  the promotion and practice of human values, which enables it to be socially responsible and consistent with our university.

On behalf of the foregoing, all teachers, administrators, non-teaching, maintenance, cleaning, and security staff who are members of this school are required to comply with our Code of Ethics, which represents the practical expression of what is established in our principles, purposes and objectives.

Therefore, we must:

  • Teach through the development of generic and specific competences of sports profession.
  • Create a healthy educational environment, where personal growth, justice, and the search of truth prevail.
  • Be honest, fair, and trustworthy in all the activities and relationships of our school.
  • Respect people’s dignity in debates and decision-making, being impartial, truthful, and precise in the assessments and acknowledging the legitimate diversity of opinions.
  • Avoid all conflicts of interest between labor and personal matters.
  • Promote an environment in which equality of job opportunities is possible for every school employee.
  • Fight for the respect of law and the environment.
  • Have an austere approach when using the institution’s resources.
  • Exercise due leadership at all levels and promote an environment in which there is evidence of ethical conduct and the practice of values.


The School of Physical Education’s Code of Ethics is available for collaborators to help in making the best decisions in daily activities and promote a more pleasant, beneficial, and transparent work environment for all, allowing the full experience of the values, mission, and vision of our school.


Dignity, Commitment, Institutional Identity, Ethics, Responsibility, and Unity.


The School of Physical Education is a public entity whose purpose is to educate socially committed professionals in the area of the physical education, sports, recreation and exercise sciences, in order to meet the current and future national and international needs society demands, constantly ensuring quality and promoting the research and the development of our academic programs.


The School of Physical Education is acknowledged in 2020 as a socially responsible world-class entity for its quality, relevance and contributions to academic, scientific, and social development of physical education, sports, recreation, and exercise sciences.

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