Mission, Vision and Values

2020 Mission

The School of Physical Education is a public entity whose purpose is to educate socially committed professionals in the area of the physical education, sports, recreation and exercise sciences, in order to meet the current and future national and international needs society demands, constantly ensuring quality and promoting the research and the development of our academic programs.

2020 Vision

The School of Physical Education is acknowledged in 2020 as a socially responsible world-class entity for its quality, relevance and contributions to academic, scientific, and social development of physical education, sports, recreation, and exercise sciences.


As a pioneering institution with social acknowledgement, our professors, students, and administrative staff pledge to fulfill the following values: dignity, commitment, institutional identity, ethics, responsibility, and unity.

Quality Policy

The School of Physical Education offers academic programs and services in the field of physical-sports activity and its applied sciences, aiming to offer quality services within management, facility maintenance, academic programs, and development of professors and administrative staff, as well as committing to satisfy with efficiency and productivity the requirements of society through continuous improvement.

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