Special Funds

2016 Educational Quality Strengthening Program




Six computers HP AIO 20-C018LA. X5Z67AA.  AMD A4-7210 processor 1-4 GH, 4GB RAM memory with 500GB in hard disk,  DVD-RW, 19.5″ non-touch screen. Includes a White Webcam Win 10 home.  The distance learning room was equipped with six desktop computers.  These are equipped with six headsets with microphone for analog PC 355 audio, plantronics brand ICS. These are placed on the desktop computers.



Automated hematology analyzer Mindray BC 2800, differentiation of three WBC populations, nineteen parameters, and three histograms up to thirty samples per hour, with storage of one thousand samples.  Equipment to perform blood biometrics, to quantify cell populations in blood (White Blood Cells), leukocytes and erythrocytes, as well as hemoglobin and platelets.  With the balance in favor, a strip of twelve multi-contacts with surge suppressor was purchased.



An Apple iMAC 21’5 desktop computer with a 19.5″ screen is located in the Tutoring Department, which is where the SIASE program is currently installed. The program serves all educational levels, and is where reports, assignment of tutorials, appointments, and interviews for students are generated.

An iMac 21.5″ has been purchased and is located in the Tutoring Department. The SIASE program has been installed, in which reports, assignment of tutorials, appointments, and interviews for students are generated.



It has six double book shelves with 12 trays from the “Bibliomuebles” brand, ten reading tables with capacity for four people, and fifty polypropylene stackable chairs with a steel rod base. The library serves 80 percent of the entire school population thanks to the expansion of the tables and chairs for students. Book shelves were also completely re-arranged by area to store books that were not there.



Eleven Samsung Smart TV televisions of 58” inches were received. They were installed in eleven classrooms (Classroom 01, 02, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, and 12). With the balance in favor, four converters from VGA to HDMI with 3,5 mm audio were acquired.

Bioplasmatic Radiofrequency 2

Radiofrequency Equipment Addition
Radiofrequency Equipment Addition

Orthopedics and rehabilitation system suitable for different therapeutic modalities. It represents a technological advance without side effects and is applicable in any tissue, including metal prostheses. Its polarity field goes from few Hertz to GigaHertz. When radiofrequency is applied to human body, this energy circulates through tissues that function like any electric conductor.

  • Training course for webex tool
  • Software license specialized in webex


Operating Costs

Full-time professor stays 


Alejandra Gonzalez Gallegos
University of Granada, Spain


Daniel Carranza Bautista
Pan-American Open University, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Oswaldo Ceballos Gurrola
University of Valencia, Spain


Ricardo López Sánchez
University of Granada, Spain


Juan José García Verazaluce.
University of Granada, Spain


Luis Felipe Reynoso Sanchez.
University of Colima


Roxana Pacheco Ríos.
Pablo de Olavide University


Published Articles

Psychometric properties of the exercise benefits/barriers scale in Mexican old women (translation and publication).


Relation between learning styles and teaching theories (publication).


Mexican validation of the learning climate questionnaire adapted to physical education (publication).


Monograph of the RPD (Journal of Sports Psychology) Reddeca (translated summaries).


Relation of the empowering climate with self-determined motivation through the fulfillment of basic psychological needs (publication).


Decisional balance, self-efficacy and its association to the exercise enjoyment in Mexican population (publication).


Decisional balance, motivation and exercise enjoyment in a Mexican population sample (publication).

2017 Educational Quality Strengthening Program


Lancets and Strips
Lancet box with 200 units









Glucose strips, six boxes

Triglyceride strips, six boxes

Cholesterol strips, six boxes

Explivar capsules  

Capsules to boost sports performance.  Analytical tests of proinflammatory hormone levels (Interleukin 6 and cortisol) will be carried out on blood samples, studying CPK levels.

These will be used on elderly people from DIF nursing homes in Nuevo Leon and its metropolitan area. Those in charge will be master’s students of the major in health promotion and doctoral students.  This material will cover sixty people.

Tubos de Vacutainer

Formato Optico


Troponin T hs

Troponin T hs Calset

PreciControl Troponin


Ruben Ramírez Nava.

Western University, USA.


Miguel Ángel González Pérez

Universidad de Malaga, España.


German Hernández Cruz

Alliant International University, San Diego, California.

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