Student Council


To represent the students of the School of Physical Education actively and responsibly.


Be a reliable, responsible and participative organization where students could be represented and can develop academically and personally.


To represent the students of the School of Physical Education before the teachers and deans of our school, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, and other organizations, associations, and federations at local, national, and international levels. To defend and constantly protect the rights of students.
To ensure compliance with the decisions issued by the students’ general assembly of our school and UANL. To function as a communication channel between the students, our school management and its teachers, seeking and promoting all the mechanisms that allow to solve students’ different individual and collective situations. To promote and support all kinds of activities in favor of the integral formation of students in the academic, scientific, investigative, political, cultural, sportive and artistic areas. To report with truthfulness and objectively the activities that will be carried out and the results of those already carried out by the student council and other organizations that involve students.

Why is there a student council?

For you, who have chosen us and have trusted us to look for solutions for your difficulties during the years of your studies, and have given us the opportunity to represent you before the administrative bodies of the school.

Who are the members?

Denisse Gallegos | Consejero Alumno
Diana Arzate | Presidente Estudiantil
Fernando Martínez López | Sub Consejero
Jorge Alberto Maldonado Sánchez |  Sub Presidente
Idgeni Michelle Durán Chávez | Tesorería
Francisco Adrián García Pérez  y Fernando Marcelo Sánchez Morales  |  Coordinación de Deportes
José Carlos de la Cruz Sánchez y Fernando Alonso Magadan Rodríguez  |  Coordinación de Redes Sociales
Yanina Graciela Vega Ley, Sofía Fernanda Martínez Montaraz y Cesiah Farah Orta  |  Coordinación Cultural
Kiara Vianey Magaña Navarro  |  Coordinación de Voluntariado
Marbella Romero Rojas  |  Coordinación de Diseño y Publicidad

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