Admitted Student Profile


Admitted students should have a preference in sport-physical activities and their practice.

They should demonstrate skills at communicating and establishing relationships with people, as well as an intellectual curiosity to research the origins and global development of sports.

Students should also seek to learn about sports and physical education in its historical perspective, functions, structures, and forms of organization.

The Admitted Student Profile involves the assessment of the following criteria:

  • General physical tests
  • Passing the EXANI-II test
  • A medical certificate issued by a public health institution

Furthermore, it is important to consider the graduate profile of the upper intermediate level students:

  • They are able to express and communicate successfully.
  • They think and criticize thoughtfully.
  • They are self-taught students.
  • They can work in teams.
  • They are responsible member of society.


Graduate Profile

Our mission is to educate human resources who are highly qualified in the areas of physical education, sports, and leisure activities by integrating the different techniques and scientific disciplines comprising our curriculum.

  • Labor Market
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Sport management
  • Sport promotion
  • Coaching
  • Management of sport institutions
  • Physical training and public relations

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