The School of Physical Education and the School of Psychology of Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon started an ambitious interdisciplinary academic adventure by offering the Master’s Degree in Sports Psychology.

With this master’s degree program, UANL takes another step on its path to be at the forefront of the quality educational field in Mexico and the world.

Aligned with the University’s academic model, the program works and is designed with a competency-based approach, student-centered learning, a flexible curriculum, and internationalization and academic innovation, as established in the guiding principles of our Academic model, the Graduate Academic Model, and our 2020 Vision. It is worth noting that its accreditation was granted in June 2014 by being attached to both the institutional regulations and the criteria of the National Program for Quality Graduate Studies of the CONACYT (National Council on Science and Technology).

In this case, the entities that participate in the program share resources such as academic groups, research lines, infrastructure, and highly specialized professors in each area, with which the works aimed at education and academic development of this specialty are significantly enriched.

The acceptance and importance that sports psychology has achieved worldwide has shown how useful and effective its application and inclusion is within the training programs of practically all sports. The most competitive countries in the field of sports consider as the way to success the development of research and applications of sports psychology in a work that has been going on for more than thirty years, which has resulted in the improvement of high-performance and professional athlete’s sportive performance.

Nationally, sports psychology is in a consolidation phase. Therefore, it is necessary to have the support of professionals in the field who are capable of designing, applying, and evaluating psychological preparation programs integrated into the athletes’ general training programs, as well as advising coaches in all psychological aspects of training and competences.

In summary, the expectations surrounding this specialty are many and very broad.

Soon, Nuevo Leon and Latin American societies will receive the benefits of having specialists, researchers, and professionals specialized in sports psychology.

Admission Profile

o Availability: Applicants must have 30 hours or more per week for their graduate studies, being authorized to carry out activities to support teaching or research with or without remuneration, as long as these activities do not exceed 8 hours at week.
o Knowledge: It is necessary that students have an academic and professional undergraduate education related to psychology, sports, or physical activity, as well as any knowledge that justifies their admission due to the existing relation between their education and this master’s degree, this in the opinion of the selection committee.
o Skills: Observation capacity, analytical thinking, availability to collaborate and work in teams, adequate writing, understanding and analysis of information, and management of new technologies applied to the discipline are some of the skills that the master’s applicant must have.
o Attitudes: Disposition, responsibility, commitment, desire for personal improvement, concern to respond to social and labor issues, interest and vocation for the promotion, practice of sports, or physical activity oriented to quality.

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