Language Center


The language center is in charge of providing English courses with a communicative focus, whereby the students develop language skills for the oral and written communication.


Our vision is to provide quality courses for learning a second language, supporting the training of the students in the linguistic competence using technological tools.


First level of the administrative building #2 of the School of Physical Education


Language center

The mastery of a second language is one of the main competences for a college student, considering this premise, the School of Physical Education has a language center, which is responsible to provide English classes to the students of the degree in Ciencias del Ejercicio (exercise science).

The teachers responsible of giving the classes have the academic preparation and specialty in the teaching approach of English as a second language. Besides having training for the use of the laboratory and the educational programs NETSUPPORT SCHOOL 10 and TELL ME MORE EDUCATION NETWORK 7.

English course for children

The UANL has the vision of training world-class professionals, this implies the development of competent students able to communicate in a second language. Because of that, the School of Physical Education responds to this need with an innovative and functional language center and puts to your disposal English courses for children and teenagers at different levels in order for the student to acquire the language developing the 4 principal activities: oral expression, listening, writing, reading comprehension, emphasizing grammar and vocabulary.

The English courses for children are intended to provide the student not only the acquisition of the language but, likewise to be able to communicate. Is intended that they learn a second language in a fun manner thru dynamics, games, activities, technological tools and support material, all this adapting to their needs.

The English courses for children and teenagers have 8 levels and an optional conversational level, if they deem. The following are the levels for the children English course:

o Introductory 1
o Introductory 2
o Basic 1
o Basic 2
o Basic 3
o Intermediate
o High
o Advanced

Conversational (optional)

The courses are designed to cover 3 hours per week, within which is made previously a dosage of the content of the course, is planned and posed the exam dates in advance. This course has a duration of one semester per level.

Coordination of the language center
Lic. Blanca E. Pérez Muñoz
Business hours: Monday – Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Phone: 13 40 44 50 and 51 Ext: 7624 and 7606

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