Summer Camps

The School of Physical Education is an educational organization of vocational training, socially responsible with a commitment of offering services and quality programs, so for this purpose the Summer Camp FOD 2017 has highly trained staff for the organization and execution of physical, sportive, gaming, recreational activities and the use of the spare time.

Our Summer Camp FOD 2017 provide an alternative of fun, challenge and learning for children and teenagers with the firm conviction of contribute to the formation and comprehensive development of whom participates in it. With a well-structured program, encourage the optimal conditions of coexistence in a free environment, safe and guided by facilitators and experts in the area of recreation, physical education and sport, which allows generate multiple benefits, among which are:

o Promote the development of sportive technical skills.
o Promote the development of motor skills.
o Stimulate their autonomy, releasing from the daily activities of the school and home.
o Strengthens the values like respect, responsibility, solidarity, discipline and team work.
o Contribute to the socialization and integration thru coexistence that allows to establish friendship among the participants.
o Improves the personal and interpersonal communication abilities.
o Basic learning of words in English.

In this camp you will find activities like:
o Adventure
o Swimming
o Skill
o Gymnastics
o Challenge
o Dance
o Introductory games
o Arts and crafts
o Rally
o Recreation

Manager of the liaison unit
M.C. Ricardo Navarro Orocio
Phone: 1340-4450 ext. 7600, 7630 and 7607

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