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Fitness program
Fitness is one of the basic activities of the human being; it has to do with development of strength, physical resistance, speed, and flexibility. Our mission is to provide these programs to staff in order to prevent injuries. Fitness programs can be tailored to the requirement of athletes.

Physical activity
Terms such as “physical activity” are considered to be technical and sometimes are related to specialized topics of health. Promote physical activity programs are one of our main tasks to encourage people follow a healthier culture at work, since cleaning to executive staff.

Active labor pauses
Active labor pauses are fractions of time interspersed during working hours for the execution of movements that help to improve the postural hygiene and, therefore encourage not only the health of the person who fulfils it, but also the work day becomes more productive.

Organization of sports events (tournaments, races, rally, etc.)
The organization and logistic of sports events is purely focused to cover the needs of whom requires it, always covering with the best quality in the service, such as human capital and material.

We count with various locations that are available for rent, arbitrations, organization of sports and recreative events, etc.

This type of defense has been a service provided by the school (college) through a specialist of karate-do Shito Ryu, that shows the required principles and foundations for the people to accomplish the development of this activity.

Arbitration of different sports modalities
The unit of liaison counts with personal trained to carry out arbitration tasks in different sport modalities that go from soccer to chess, volleyball, baseball, tochito, athletics, etc.

Training of sports trainers and teachers of physical education
Nowadays it is really important that all the people involved in the health care area stay qualified to offer the service that society demands. This is why, concerned about covering this subject, the unit of liaison in cooperation with the department of continuing education and quality, are in charge of offering trainings through courses, workshops, diplomas and conferences.

The creation of bonds with the companies and students is of vital importance, this is why the school (college) through this department, has the task to create agreements with companies for sports services.

Physical assessments with technology tools
Supported by doctors, researchers and graduates of this school (college), we had made assessments and physical valuations for institutions that may request it.

This service provides the stimulate of energy flow in a harmonious and controlled way through the combination of music and movement while dancing different rhythms.

This discipline has great physical and mental benefits by the use and correction of postures that helps in the work, especially flexibility and balance.

Manager of the liaison unit
M.C. Ricardo Navarro Orocio
Phone: 13 40 44 50 and 51 Ext: 7616

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